joi, 5 februarie 2015

I'm done! I'm ready! Where is she?!

I'm done, believe it or not, I am.

I'm not big on patience, I know. But I got really tired of standing outside completely naked, depleted of everything that actually makes me what I am.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. Proved a tough challenge - I'll give you that. Not that I'm complaining - hard as it may be - this is my thing.

And now I'm done, all good and ready. I grew all my leaves, there's no hint of the past baldness now. I also worked on the colors - they're all fresh and green and eager to play with the wind.

To tell you the truth I'm also more than happy to play with the wind. You know, I'm not really that tall right now, and even if I sometimes stand on the tips of my roots, I still can't  scan the horizon properly. And the wind always helps, it's like he's reading my mind. Yesterday the wind helped me bend around a grey building and I managed to get a glimpse of her. Proud as I was for being right on time, my leaves got even greener.

No wind today, though, he's probably helping some other fellows in their time of need. And I stand here, next to the grey building watching the people passing me by. They can't see her, their eyes can't scan the horizon like mine do, and they're not friendly with the wind.

There's nothing left for me to do right now but wait, and, as I said before, I'm not big on patience. I hate waiting, and, on top of everything, I'm pretty sure  I won't be able to keep my emotions in check for much longer. Even now, I have to constantly ruffle my leaves to hide what I'm feeling. And there's a lot to hide, I'm telling you, 'cause this morning, the excitement got that bad that I even grew flowers.

Take a good look at this. See?  I'm done! I'm ready! Grew all my leaves! I even got flowers! Where is she?

Daca doriti sa vedeti ce mai are de zis copacelul nerabdator, el poate fi gasit la coltul breslasului si, vorbaret cum este, si la locul de intalnire.

Sa sufle vant de primavara, si doar pe directia de trebuie!

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