duminică, 5 aprilie 2015

D&G Tribute

In every woman's life comes a time when truth has to be said out loud, or in our case, written in classy black on much too revealing white. That has to happen even if actions and words and every expression projected to the world might contain hints and suggestions and carefully hidden clues, all of them like pieces in a puzzle.

So here it goes, people - drum roll - the truth:

I'm a junkie.

I'm sure that, by now, each and everyone of you figured it out. Nevertheless, the truth had to dot this white. And had to be complete, revealed with all its layers and ruffles.

So here it goes again:

Like all respectable addicts, I'm not hooked just on one thing - that wouldn't match my profile, right? And like all respectable addicts I move pretty fast from one sort of high to another. I suppose that's the way it is and I'm not trying to alter the ways of the world. Or that's the addiction speaking?

Nevermind who's speaking. It wouldn't change the truth in any way. It wouldn't alter at all the crude reality, hold on, here it comes:

Like all respectable addicts, hooked for life on their narcotics, I keep my addictions hidden and most of the times I try to stay on the "pleasantly neurotic" side, as one of my favorite fictional character once said it. Or was it real, the character, I mean? For it certainly seemed real.

There, I've said it, black on white. Do not shake your heads in disapproval or contempt. And please do not worry if I disappear for an entire month. Yes, I might be hooked on something, but the high is soooo sweet, soooo fulfilling. And I will come back anyway, and I will eventually tell you all about it. Or write you all about it, in black or white, or in the colors of my latest addiction, that would be even better.

So please forgive me for not being completely honest with the black and white thing from the very beginning - it's hard to me to bare my everything like that. For this time it wasn't only black and white really, or it was to some extent, but it was mostly red and black guys, I admit. And green, yes.

And I don't know about the AA meetings, but all this writing about my addictions made the withdrawal symptoms so terrible, gut-wrenching, really, that I  don't know how much more I can stay away from it. So wanna get high with me?

Here, have some!

Pretty good stuff right? I knew it. And it gets so much better! Have another one, guys, who says we shouldn't get sooo high?

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